Due to many factors, REALTOR competition is more intense than it has ever been. According to the National Association of REALTORS, there are now over 2.5 million real estate licensees. Michigan has also seen a surge in real estate professionals over the last few years, and now MAR has over 34,000 REALTOR members. These numbers give consumers more choices when deciding which REALTOR is right for them, but this may leave REALTORS wondering how they can get and retain clients.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: REALTORS need good, solid branding, marketing, media buying and advertising techniques. That sounds good, but in reality that advice can seem more overwhelming than helpful, especially if you are a REALTOR working in a smaller office or for yourself. Where should you start? Michigan REALTOR has brought together some experts in this field to give you useful advice on how to stand out in a such a vast population.

“Many REALTORS offer very similar services. To stand apart from the competition you need to focus on what’s unique about the way you do business,” said Peter Koeppel, founder and president of Koeppel Direct, a leader in direct-response television media buying, marketing, campaign management and creative strategies. With over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience, he has helped Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs develop marketing campaigns to increase their profits.

Koeppel stresses that REALTORS need to think outside the box to find out what they can offer to make them unique in the industry, suggesting it could be your level of commitment or an area of specialty. Once you discover what it is that makes you different, use that in your branding and marketing. “Narrow the focus of what you offer, so people think of you first when looking for a particular type of REALTOR,” he said.

Peter Koeppel is president of Koeppel Direct, a leading infomercial and direct response media buying firm.