I started my career in marketing working in brand management on the Heinz Ketchup business. Working on a brand that was a household name and that had over a 50% market share provided me with an appreciation of the value of a strong brand. In the direct response media buying industry, many marketers overlook the power of branding and the value it can create for your company.

In the direct response TV industry, the marketers that understand the power of branding seem to be the ones that are most successful and have the longest running campaigns. Brands such as Bowflex and Proactiv come to mind when I think of successful direct response brands. Having a well-known brand can dramatically increase the value of your company. Just look at Orange Glo. I’m certain the reason the Church & Dwight was willing to pay $325 million to buy Orange Glo was because of the company’s profitability and the value of the OxiClean brand.
Direct response marketing provides marketers with the opportunity to both sell and brand their products simultaneously. If you can establish your brand as the leader in the drtv marketplace, it can help differentiate your product from the competition and it makes it harder for competitors to gain market share. For example, my company works with the leading ladder product. In only a few years, that product went from nothing to the leading brand in its category and knock-off products haven’t been able to gain traction. This was accomplished through effective media buying, branding and marketing of the product.