It’s important to work with a media buying agency that has the capability to do research that helps identify the best media vehicles to efficiently reach the target audience. There is a wide range of media research tools that can be utilized by a media buying agency, in order to develop a targeted media plan.


Experienced media buying firms often review a combination of research tools, such as competitive media schedules, Nielsen ratings and data that identifies the networks watched most by people in the target audience, who have purchased a similar product or service.


Direct response television (DRTV) media buying firms also look at their database of results from campaigns for other products in the same category. Some DRTV media buying firms utilize a combination of traditional advertising metrics, such as ratings and impressions and combine that information with DRTV measurements to create a hybrid DRTV campaign. DRTV media buying firms for direct marketers looking to both sell product and drive retail sales often develop these types of DRTV campaigns.