Infomercials are typically are tested initially and if the test is successfully then the infomercial campaign is rolled-out. An infomercial media test usually consists of a combination of infomercial airings on smaller national cable and satellite networks and local broadcast stations. An infomercial test typically runs over the course of a week. This allows the infomercial marketer to test a variety of time periods and days of the week to see if any patterns develop in terms of the types of infomercial airings that perform best for a particular infomercial campaign. Sometimes more than one offer is tested to determine which infomercial offer generates the most sales.
In a successful infomercial test there are generally several networks and stations that generate a profitable ROI. Infomercial media buyers review this information and then proceed to:

  • Buy more infomercial time on the networks and stations that performed well
  • Buy new infomercial time on networks and stations that are similar to the ones that performed
  • They should also review their database of where other infomercial campaigns for similar products performed well
  • Drop infomercial time periods that did not perform
  • Seek infomercial rate reductions to try to get those stations/networks that are close to performing to a profitable ROI.
  • Build up the infomercial media spending while maintaining a profitable ROI