It’s no surprise that drtv agencies and brand clients plan to spend more on alternative media elements in their 2009 media and marketing plans.

Media Life Magazine released the results of an industry survey which included planners, buyers and marketers discussing their interest in expanding into alternative media.

The survey findings revealed:
• 70 percent of survey participants believe alternative media spending will increase in 2009.

• About 80 percent of agency respondents said their clients responded positively to suggestions that they should include alternative media to their marketing budgets.

• Agency respondents stated that “the risky clutter” found in “more traditional media,” and the “ability of alternative media to deliver highly targeted messages” as reasons driving them to include alternative media.

Zeroing in on your target audience gets results. “The results of this important and highly timely study by Media Life Magazine mirror our experience in the marketplace,” said Ken Williams, Health Club Media Network’s (HCMN) CEO.

“While 2009 is shaping up to be a challenging year for business and industries across the county, a sizable portion of our existing client base is continuing and even increasing their business with us while a number of new clients are running substantial campaigns as well.

“We attribute this partly to the quality target ability of our network and audience combined with our ability to offer meaningful and effective methods for evaluating the effectiveness of HCMN campaigns.”

HCMN is the largest provider of advertising panels and other marketing opportunities for the top health clubs in the U.S. Williams believes alternative media choices, including digital media, will make it much easier to connect with active health club members.