In order to make your advertising successful, you have to get people to watch it. So is the recent upswing in DVR usage a good or a bad thing for marketers? Seen in the right light, it can be an opportunity.

MediaPost recently reported that digital video recorder use is going to increase by 70% in the next five years. That’s 51.1 million people that no longer have to watch your ad spot – they can just fast-forward and get on with their show. A few more terrifying stats in the same vein – 43% of all U.S. consumers with TVs will use DVRs by 2014, and 56% of them will be using video-on demand.

So what’s an ad buyer to do? Product placement is on the rise. If the consumers are only watching the show, then make the ads a part of the show. Product placement and ad placements on the lower third of the screen while the rest of the show plays are two options for bringing TV advertising into the DVR age.