Cable networks in particular have been panicking about more video than ever being available online. This new research from Nielsen may be comforting to them; apparently Americans are watching more TV – on their TVs, no less – than ever before.

The average American watches approximately 153 hours of TV every month at home, which is up 1.2% from last year’s hourly count. By contrast, Americans watch an average of only 3 hours of video online each month, and that number only includes the average of all Americans who watch video on the Internet at all. If you factor in the fact that many more Americans own and watch a TV than watch video online, it’s a little surprising that networks have gotten so panicky about the possibility of losing their cable subscribers.

Of course, 35% of those who both have a cable connection and watch video online said they might consider dropping their subscription. However, that demographic isn’t necessarily large enough to be concerned about. Many of the 131 million Americans who watch video online have never had a cable subscription, as the majority of them are younger viewers who are only just beginning to choose to pay for certain services.

That still leaves the question of whether cable will survive as the generations shift, but the improved numbers on television watching may soothe cable company’s fears a little bit.