This upfront season, we’re seeing CNN plant the seeds of a new strategy that may or may not bear fruit.

Greg D’Alba, EVP and COO of CNN ad sales, is putting forward a new stripped-down video pitch that shows off the true power of CNN’s 24/7 news-gathering approach – while also telling them he can guarantee away-from-home deliveries.

No one has ever attempted the away-from-home guarantee before, mostly because it’s incredibly difficult to prove and therefore very hard to convince ad buyers to pay for. The idea is that networks will tailor their news to the viewership in restaurants and bars, hotels and other third-party viewing channels, including away-from-home residences.

Part of the strategy is to begin appealing to younger viewers, who traditionally don’t often watch TV to get their news, though CNN says that studies prove that they’re the TV channel the younger generation prefers when they do tune in.

This strategy also draws the focus away from prime time, preferring to guarantee viewership on a 24-hour schedule. Previously, viewing outside of prime time netted only 10% of CNN’s total revenue – with their new strategy; it looks like CNN is hoping to shift that number upwards.

That is, if media buyers take the bait.