The most successful companies in DRTV don’t rely on just one product – they build a long-term brand to move more units, expand their market share and increase their profits. However, jumping into expansion before you’re ready can be disastrous.

Here are four tips to help you expand your DRTV brand beyond your initial success and get the process just right.

1. Understand the holes in your market and look to fill them.

Expanding on your initial product will be easier if you create something that both relates to your first product and is in demand. You can evaluate the current market and look for opportunities to expand your brand in new ways and solve problems that others aren’t solving at all or aren’t solving well.

2. Do due diligence before you expand your offerings.

Although you’ve had some success with your first product, it’s no guarantee of success with your second. Launching your next product shouldn’t be a guessing game. Once you find a fresh product idea, do deep analysis on a product’s viability and the current market landscape before you launch it. Crunch the numbers just as you did with your first product.

3. Maximize your brand with smart DRTV buys.

One of the biggest benefits of DRTV is that it’s a very cost effective way to get customers to visit your store, your website or other places that are selling your products. Although shooting for primetime spots may seem tempting, you can purchase dozens of lower cost advertising spots across multiple channels. This means your new product will get maximum exposure and keep your costs low.

4. Get the most from DRTV by tracking your results and making adjustments.

One of the best reasons for using DRTV for your second product – or your sixth – is because it’s simple to make changes based on consumer response. If you’re managing your campaigns effectively, you can watch customer response and make changes to the timing of your advertising to improve results. Unlike other forms of advertising, these changes can be made in days – and sometimes even hours.

Expanding your DRTV brand can be very profitable if you’re ready to do the research, look for good opportunities and monitor your DRTV sales. With the right strategy, you can successfully expand your brand.